Conference theme

The theme of the EMT 2020 conference is “Future food”, covering different trends and innovations in the field of food sustainability. Participants will be engaged via an interactive journey to contribute to sustainable development goals, including sustainable consumption and production, climate impact and good health and well-being.

Host city

The EMT 2020 conference will take place in Hasselt, the capital city of the province Limburg in Belgium. The city offers a wide range of – often hidden – possibilities for a more in-depth city trip. Shopping, pavement cafés, tasting jenever, taking walks, visiting museums, discovering restaurants, cycling through the green periphery, being pampered at the hotel, and so much more. When in Hasselt, it is best to take the time to really enjoy the city.

Conference hotel

Conference participants will overnight at the Holiday Inn Hasselt, located just 200 meters from Hasselt’s trendy shopping streets and cozy bars and restaurants. The hotel has a small fitness room, a heated indoor swimming pool and a sauna, to which all hotel guests have free access. Free wifi and a full breakfast buffet every morning is of course included as well.

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Hotel for 3 nights, incl. breakfast

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Day programme on Friday and Saturday

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Farewell brunch on Sunday

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What you can expect from the EMT in 2020

What our ambassadors say about the EMT

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Gilbert Govaerts JCI-senator and EMT-founder

The idea was born when I attended the JCI European Conference in Antwerp in 1978. After some talks with Dutch JCI members, we decided to organize a first twinning event in 1979. With 9 European chapters present during that weekend, we can look back at a successful twinning weekend. From that moment on the EMT has become one of the biggest and most active twinning agreements in the history of JCI.

Sarah Lammers JCI-senator and EMT-ambassador
The European Multi Twinning has always been one of the best experiences I ever had in my JCI-career. Pretty sure that everyone that has ever been on an EMT will agree when I say that there is nothing that can beat the power of this international bunch of friends! I am super-excited that JCI Hasselt is hosting this beautiful event again in 2020. I hope that a lot of new members will take the opportunity to be part of it, to create new friendships without borders and make everlasting memories all together!
Yves Segers CoC Director EMT 2020

I joined my first European Multi Twinning in Reykjavik in 2014. This was my first international JCI-event and gave me the opportunity to meet new people and experience other cultures, food and traditions. After attending 6 consecutive EMT’s it is an honour to organize the European Multi Twinning in 2020. With an actual theme and a strong team, we are ready to make it a success. I am already looking forward to welcome you in Hasselt!

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